Spec Tool

The spectrogram viewing tool is apart of the Enhancement application and gives the user the opportunity to see the results of the speech processing methods within Enhancement. This page will describe the use of the spectrogram viewing tool.

What is the view spectrogram tool?

This tool allows you to view and play all generated spectrograms in succession. It always displays and plays the spectrograms which have already been generated in the main Enhancement window. The
three spectrograms which are displayed are the: input, Noisy and Modified. If the corresponding spectrogram has not yet been generated in the main activity it is simply displayed as ‘NO DATA’.


Enhanced speech Spectrogram

How to interpret the spectrograms

Once you have recorded or loaded speech, added noise and enhanced the speech you can view all three spectrograms in succession. This is common in speech enhancement literature [1] to allow the reader to clearly view the spectral differences. By tapping each spectrogram you can also listen to the corresponding audio so you can hear the differences.

How to view and share all the spectrograms

Each time a new speech signal is enhanced or modified and the view spectrograms tool is selected a PNG image is created. This image contains all loaded spectrograms in the workspace and is formatted in such away to allow placement directly into academic or educational literature.

These images can be shared through e-mail, bluetooth, social networks and any other supporting applications by pressing:

menu > Share


[1] A. Stark, K. W´ojcicki, J. Lyons, and K. Paliwal, “Noise driven short time phase spectrum compensation procedure for speech enhancement,” Interspeech, Brisbane, Australia, Sep 2008, pp. 549–552.